Mission and Governance


The Ohio Association of Independent schools (OAIS) is a non-profit organization of pre-primary, elementary, middle and secondary schools whose purpose is to support and advance independent education in Ohio. It does so by:

  • Working to foster and preserve independence and freedom of choice in education;
  • Encouraging collaboration among member schools and cooperation with other regional and national educational organizations for the ultimate benefit of Ohio’s students;
  • Providing leadership and support to member schools in developing and maintaining the highest possible standards of educational program and professional and ethical conduct;
  • Serving as an advocate of Ohio independent schools by providing information and leadership on educational issues to the state government, Department of Education, and before the broader community.

OAIS member schools are all 501 (c) 3 non-profits governed by independent Boards of Trustees

The Ohio Association of Independent Schools is governed by an eight member Board of Trustees drawn from Heads of member schools throughout Ohio. Officers include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Three members also serve “at-large” and one member is a non-voting immediate past officer who also chairs the nominating committee. Click here to view OAIS By-laws.

The OAIS Board follows the National Association of Independent Schools Principles of Good Practice for boards and subscribes to the spirit of the Independent Sector’s Code of Ethics.

Prospective Member Schools
OAIS welcomes inquiries from independent schools that are interested in becoming members. Please call (740) 973-5930.