Ohio Alliance of Independent Schools

The Ohio Alliance of Independent Schools consists of 46 member schools throughout the state of Ohio, all committed to the quality education that independent schools provide to students from diverse backgrounds. Each school is governed by an independent board with a focus on the school and education itself, not other issues that may affect the quality of a school’s curriculum or teaching.

Our schools believe the state of Ohio’s government ought to give more freedom and independence to private schools to operate and teach according to each school’s mission instead of bogging down administrators with government mandates. OAIS continues to lead the fight at Ohio’s Statehouse for more freedom from government mandates for private schools.

40 of the 46 OAIS members are accredited by the Independent School Association of the Central States.

Our Member Schools

OAIS member schools are found in most areas of the state of Ohio. Our membership offers a variety of learning and teaching methods for all kinds of students.

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Parents who send their children to independent schools offer many reasons for their decisions. Just a few include:

  • Small classes in which teachers know the students as individuals
  • Academic rigor and challenging course work
  • Teacher excellence and commitment to both their students and their own professional growth
  • Close-knit communities which have high expectations both for the success and the moral and social responsibility of their members.

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