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Post-SOTS, Legislators Should Consider Private Schools, Too

Gov. Kasich just delivered his State of the State and while the partisans on each side will cheer or boo some of his proposals, I suspect that the most bipartisan support will be in his plans for education. Ohio does have serious problems when it comes to dropouts and vocational education and the efforts to […]

Charters and Private Schools: Not Birds of a Feather

Through the magic of Twitter, I was recently made aware of an op-ed published by the Charlotte News and Observer in late January by two folks who are officials with Public Schools First NC, which I assume is a group dedicated to promoting public schools. Linda Nelson of the North Carolina Association of Independent Schools penned an excellent […]

ISACS Meeting and a Diploma Proposal

I had the opportunity to attend (and present to OAIS heads) at the recent ISACS Heads of School Conference in Chicago last week (I managed to make it out before the snow!) This is my second year attending and found it to be very informative, especially the talks given by NAIS President John Chubb about […]

Some Thoughts on Yesterday’s redefineED Chat

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of following along on the redefineED website as they hosted a chat with Michael Petrilli of The Fordham Institute. A transcript of the chat can be found here: http://www.redefinedonline.org/2014/01/petrilli-school-choice-movement-better-off-without-awful-schools/ The chat was a good Q&A that addressed some of the critiques of Fordham’s “Toolkit” and what the overall goal is for […]

Testing and Accountability in Ohio’s Private Schools

In the last several days, there has been a great deal of discussion on Twitter and on the blogosphere regarding the use of standardized tests in private schools, both for students on vouchers and the student population at large, depending on the number of students receiving vouchers in the school. The Fordham Institute kicked things […]

New OAIS Blog

As part of the outreach by OAIS to members of the public, the OAIS website will now feature a blog where I plan to discuss some of the items currently being discussed in the education community and their impact on independent education both in Ohio and nationally. Ohio has long been an outlier (in good […]