The Ohio Association of Independent Schools deeply appreciates the support of its corporate subscribers whose contributions enhance the programs we are able to offer. We welcome inquiries from corporate groups whose products and services are compatible with our educational mission.


In addition to the satisfaction of supporting high quality education, corporate subscribers:
• are listed on the OAIS web site with a link to the corporate subscriber web site
• upon request will be supplied a set of mailing labels for OAIS member schools
• are invited periodically to receptions with the heads of OAIS schools


Corporate subscriptions run for one year at $700 per year.

For additional information, please call Dan Dodd at (740) 973-5930 or email Dan Dodd at


Oswald Companies

The Oswald Companies’ commitment to caring for our clients’ needs resonates throughout our Group Benefits team. Our staff is experienced in all aspects of Group Benefits. Oswald Companies is a pioneer in the development of innovative Group Benefit plans for public and private employers and individuals. Over the years, we have successfully built one of the most comprehensive Group Benefits practices in the region. Oswald Companies has partnered with OAIS to create its health consortium.

Sustainable Energy Services, Inc.

It has been customary for business managers to work with one consultant for purchasing energy and another consultant for help with energy efficiency. By partnering with Sustainable Energy Services Inc., schools are able to realize cost savings on both sides of the meter. Bringing energy purchasing expertise together with energy efficiency acumen provides exceptional value to OAIS member schools. We’re privileged to partner with the OAIS on energy matters. We are unbiased and independent energy experts that serve as “owner’s advocates”, your advocate – independent of product sales and suppliers allowing us to advise OAIS members without bias. Please contact Laura Sherman at or at phone number 440-665-9491 for more information.


Paymerang is excited to partner with OAIS to bring schools an award-winning electronic payment solution. Paymerang is an innovative payments solution for AP departments that transforms supplier payments into a new stream of revenue. By enrolling a school’s suppliers in electronic payments, schools can earn cash-back rewards that can put several thousands of dollars back in each school’s pocket each year.

Paymerang currently works with over 115 schools nationally, including numerous OAIS member schools, to help take the tedious work of paying vendors, reconciling payments, and fraud prevention off their plate. Paymerang’s dedicated Customer Success Team will walk school staff through the simple process that takes less than 10 hours of total staff time to implement and they will be there every step of the way!

Christian Olanowski, is the OAIS contact. He can be reached at 804-256-0706 and, or visit the Paymerang website for more information.


In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was destroyed by a terrorist bomb, killing 259 on board. Among those killed in this terrible tragedy was the niece of Chad Salahshour. After this incident, Chad decided to start a career in law enforcement to serve and protect others, and eventually came to notice how difficult it was to locate people in need during emergency situations. In 2012, Chad combined his professional law enforcement and software development skills to create 911Cellular, a company dedicated to building lifesaving communication technology by helping to bridge the gap between those who need help and those who can provide it.

To this day, the dedicated 911Cellular team works tirelessly to continue realizing Chad’s vision… making sure the company builds safety solutions that are accessible, reliable, integrated and convenient for everyone who uses them.

Hand in Hand

A company with a personal connection to OAIS, Hand in Hand has put together an opportunity for OAIS schools to get the necessary PPE they need for students, staff and teachers at a close to unbeatable price, which will help keep schools safe and students healthy.

Hand in Hand (HIH) was started at an award-winning distillery that began producing hand sanitizer–with a higher alcohol concentration that required by the FDA–after COVID began spiking in March. They work with a foundation for the visually impaired, providing income security for those who might be otherwise out of work, something that fits perfectly with the values OAIS schools instill in their students.

Hand in Hand offers several advantages that merit strong consideration:

1) They have created a uniquely sustainable manufacturing process that lowers our carbon footprint

2) They have put together convenient PPE Packs perfect for schools to hand out to returning students. These packs contain 2 bottles of sanitizer, masks & gloves, to help students stay organized, preventing any potential COVID exposure, as well as providing these easy-to-organize packs for staff members and teachers.  A new PPE pack can be provided to each every month to ensure you are providing your community with the most protective measures available.

3) With one of HIH’s founder’s a father of kids at an OAIS-member school, they care about us and our mission. HIH has volunteered to donate a portion of the proceeds back to OAIS for the furtherance of our members’ educational goals.

4) They are happy to brand these items with the logos and other branding of individual independent schools.

Even though this company is new, the incredible sustainability, great pricing and overall story has led them to already have contracts with Tiffany & Co and schools in the State University of New York (SUNY) system, and they will provide quality products to OAIS schools as well.